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Rent My Wild Spot

If you are thinking about listing your land as a wild spot then you've come to the right place....

We expect you have some big questions, such as:

  • How much can I earn?

  • Do I need planning permission?

  • What standards do I need to meet?

  • When will I get paid?

  • Will I have control over who stays on my land?

  • What happens if my land gets damaged by campers?

Have a look at our FAQ section below for the answers to these questions and many more.

To see an example of an Access Permission Certificate & Code of Conduct click here.

Alternatively if you'd just like to get your wild spot listed as soon as possible click here and sign up now!!!! 

Frequently asked questions

Why become Wild Spot?

Why wouldn’t you would be our question! · Do you want to earn extra money from your land or home? · Do you want to diversify your income through hosting campers and additional activities? · Do you have space for at least one tent or motorhome? · Do you want to inspire people to love and understand our countryside?

What kind of space works as a Wild Spot?​

· Any space works as long as you can fit a tent. · Gardens, riverside locations, fell side locations, popular tourist locations and so on…. · Pitch numbers limited by size of location to ensure peace & privacy · A peaceful place to observe nature and relax · Not just a camping location – informal opportunities for learning about the location and it’s context, such as through site tours, local heritage and more

How much does this cost me?​

Well that's the best part, it's completely FREE to register your Wild Spot with us!!! Yes, that's right, we DO NOT CHARGE listing fees but you do have to be a full member of The Camping Bible to list your venue. Don't worry though not just anyone can use your Wild Spot, they MUST BE a FULL, PAID & VERIFIED member of The Camping Bible also. We charge a 20% admin fee for our services, meaning you have NO UPFRONT COST and NO RISK in getting started hosting your very own Wild Spot.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made to either your PayPal account or bank account monthly, this is covered in detail in our terms & conditions section.

Why should I start a Wild Spot?

Setting up a proper campsite is a big job, with lots of time and bureaucracy involved, plus smaller is better!!! While you are still going to have to put some time in to your Wild Spot, our emphasis is on basic facilities and minimum effort for you and by being part of our network we can help you make the most of your extra space, our team is here to answer any questions and offer 24/7 support and will have you ready to start earning money fast.

Do I need to advertise?

With a huge following and over 10,000 visitors to www.thecampingbible.co.uk each week and a reach of over 50,000 impressions per week on Facebook we’ve got the marketing covered for you guys. As our members are screaming out for new locations to stay and explore they are actively looking for new Wild Spots all of the time.

Do I need insurance?

As a landowner you will have public liability insurance, this is sufficient to grant access to your land.

Do I need planning permission?

It is the responsibility of each location to ensure that they comply with local planning regulations. There will be some locations who already have planning permission, but this is not always necessary. We are expecting that many of our locations will use the ’28 day rule’, which means that they can have campers for a total of 28 nights a year on their land without getting planning permission. However, it will be the responsibility of individual locations to confirm what they require as the planning law varies a little depending on your Planning Authority and whether you are in a designated conservation area.

Will I have control over who stays on my land?

Yes, when you sign up you create your own listing and code of conduct giving you full control of who can purchase access. For example, controls can be placed on - children, pets, fires, BBQs, group size, tent size, vehicle access and more. We’ll make your access certificate/code of conduct bespoke so you can add as many restrictions as you like. Each party of visitors must sign and agree to your code of conduct as a prerequisite of access permission being granted.

What happens if my land gets damaged by campers?

Visitors are contractually obliged to indemnify the landowner in cases of disrepair or loss. This forms part of your code of conduct/permission conditions.

Do I need facilities?

Unlike on a conventional campsite where you have to invest in toilet blocks and showers etc Wild Spots are for hardy campers, campervans and motorhomes which are able to accommodate locations with little or no facilities. Most campers are equipped with all of the services they require for short stays, water, on board toilet/shower, cooker and stove, this means they are self-sufficient and in many cases only require room to lay a weary head for the evening. This however allows opportunities to offer extra features to your guests like, freezers for ice packs, water empty and fill, electricity, packed lunches or even an evening meal. This can be part of the appeal of you wild spot to make your stay more appealing or added as additionally charged services to raise extra revenue.

Get your visitors involved with your community

Wild Spots are not just a place to sleep, they also offer a chance to help people connect with nature and landowners, you can also be a part of this. For example Are you an organic sheep farmer? You could take campers on a farm tour (for a fee) while you check on your stock. Do you make furniture? Show the campers what you make, you might get a commission, or charge £5 a head to teach them how to make a basic stool. Keep chickens or grow vegetables? Don’t just offer the campers eggs and veg to buy, let them come and help collect it too.