Rent My Wild Spot

With camping stay'cations growing rapidly over the last few years, the rise in camper-van and motor-home ownership and the huge rise of the wild camping world we thought its time land access was addressed.

Rent My Wild Spot is a great new scheme brought to you by The Camping Bible, this amazing new idea allows you to  grant permission to those wishing to access your land whilst allowing you to earn extra income.

Our access permission is a fully comprehensive code of conduct set by your self to ensure you remain in full control of your land, each document is made bespoke to you and your property, this includes things like fires, fishing, waste removal and much more, campers will also have to agree to LNT (Leave No Trace) before being granted permission and will be contractually responsible if any damage does occur.

Our team is here to help you all of the way..... From creating your listing, to drawing up your access contract and making your wild spot listing, to answering any questions you may have and providing technical support.

Have a look below at how easy it is to get started...... or click here.

Why Rent My Wild Spot?

Campers are always looking for places to stay, whether it be that tranquil location in the mountains or a peaceful farm, many campers need many different locations and this could be great news for you.

Depending upon your location and the services you provide you can charge what you like for your Wild Spot, we can get you started in minutes and what’s more it's completely free to list your space with us, so why not give it a try and start earning from your spare land or garden?

How does it work?

This part couldn't be simpler.....

Rent My Wild Spot helps you to grant permission to those wising to stay on your land, your admin fees will be in respect of granting permission to campers who in return will sign a code of conduct form giving you full control & peace of mind.

  • Fill out our wild spot registration form

  • We'll list your wild spot on our website for the camping community to see

  • Sit back and relax as you earn from your extra space.....

How Much Is My Wild Spot Worth?

That's entirely up to you! We suggest that your permission certificate & code of conduct admin fee to be anywhere between £2.50 per person to £10 per person depending upon location, views extra services etc.

Fees are charged per camper to ensure that you can formally manage those who have permission to use your land, each camper will be personally issued with their access permission via email, this ensures we have full details for all of those visiting your land.