Camping Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Depending on your type of camping, could alter how this list may look for you. Wild campers will want a lightweight stove, and perhaps a single pan to cook with and eat from, while festival goers may have to follow strict rules over what fuel they can cook with at the festival site. Family and group campers may look to take substantially more as they aim to create meals while out camping, and with that comes all the accessories needed.

Water Container– ideal for drinking water, or trips to the onsite tap.

Stove &/or BBQ

Gas/Charcoal – depending on your choice of cooking appliance.


Low Wattage Appliances – to work with your electric hook up, for extra luxury


Cooking Utensils

Tablewear – plates, bowls, cups etc


Basin - even if not used to wash the dishes, it will certainly help for carrying dirty dishes to the campsite wash area.

Tin Opener – all the food and no way to open it is never good.

Bottle Opener



Wet Wipes

Tea Towel

Tupperware - It comes in handy!

Washing up Liquid & Sponges

Chopping Board

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